We've made it to the final round! Vote Gallagher's for Best Burger one last time, let us know you voted, and if we win you'll get a coupon for a free burger! If we win, we will also randomly give away a $100 gift card as well. Please note that we're only giving out one (1) free burger coupon per person, regardless of how many times or rounds you vote.

Step One

Vote for us using the link below. Please note that you must register on St. Louis Magazine's Burger Battle registration page (if you haven't already), and then cast your vote for us. Hurry, voting for the final round ends end of day Wednesday, June 29.

Step Two

Complete the form below to let us know you voted. We'll email you a coupon for a free burger if we take First Place!

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Note: You must vote for Gallagher's in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals or Finals to be eligible to win a free burger if we win First Place.